3 technologies provide optimal quality sleep

Ameri Spring

The Ameri-Spring unit with INTERLOCKING COILS contours to any weight or shape better than any other mattress. This significantly reduces pressure points that cause tossing and turning.

For the Ameri-Spring unit with INTERLOCKING COILS, weight placed on any part of the unit is transferred to the entire unit (lower illustration), not just the coils under the weight (upper illustration), so the entire unit supports the user, not just the coils under the user.

In comparison with the AMERI-SPRING unit with INTERLOCKING COILS, weight placed on any part of the units is transferred to the entire unit (lower illustration), not just the coils under the weight (upper illustration). So the entire supports the user, not just the coils under the user.

A regular mattress - Notice how much the ordinary innerspring unit contacts under the weight of each sleeper- the lighter partner rolls toward the heavier.

Lady Americana mattress - In comparison, each partner on the AMERI-SPRING mattress is supported by the entire unit due to weight transfer, Each has his/her own sleeping area. There is no rolling together. Each receives contour support...the ULTIMATE.

Head to Foot - A web of wire strands running head-to-foot, based on the principle of weight transfer and fine-wire technology, from which each spring row reacts independently to pressure. The movements of one sleeper do not disturb the other.

100% Working Wire - Ameri-Spring begins to flex at the first touch because there are no coil knots to restrict spring action.

More Coil Surface Coverage - Reengineered coil tops provide more surface coverage.
1. Less pressure-per-contact-point
2. Even support of cushioning materials

Interlocking Coils -
Better sleep comfort and durability

After the continuous wire forms a coil, that wire backs up and wraps itself around that coil before forming the next coil. This action forms a "web" of coils that provides "Weight Transfer", one of the cause of the added durability of this unit.

This "wrapping" function is called "INTERLOCKING," and is the key element in the technology used to create the AMERI-SPRING unit.


A second row of INTERLOCKING COILS around the entire perimeter of the mattress (the red coils), supports every point on the border, not just 8-12 points as do ordinary side support devices. It provides the firmest, most durable border available, and contributes to the comfort, support and durability of the spring unit.

On an ordinary spring unit, the border compresses deeply under weight, premature metal fatigue that results in an early demise of the mattress.

You do this every day. With a LADY AMERICANA mattress with the AMERI-GUARD total perimeter support system, you need not worry about damage to the edge. But don't do this often on an ordinary mattress because you will experience border breakdown.

The AMERI-SPRING unit with the AMERI-GUARD total perimeter support system prevents border collapse, even under heavy weight. Sleeping on it allows you to sleep to the edge, increases total effective area by 20%, no rolling off the mattress.

After the coils have been formed and assembled into a spring unit, the entire unit is then placed into a gas-fired oven. This gives the coils memory so after they are depressed, they will return to original shape, time after time. No dipping in the middle of the mattress or rolling together.

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