Chiropractor-Approved Sleep System

Most LADY AMERICANA mattresses have earned the distinguished approval of the NORTH AMERICAN FEDERATION OF CHIROPRACTIC NETWORKS. The actual approval statement reads:
"This sleep is the Only Product Manufactured in Accordance with the Specifications Accepted by the Posture Evalution Committee of the NORTH AMERICAN FEDERATION OF CHIROPRACTIC NETWORKS."

We are confident that this is important evidence which will guarantee that from tonight onwards... by sleeping on a Lady Americana sleep system, you are in a perfect support. Your spinal cord will be maintained in a perfect posture position all through the night in your sleep.

LADY AMERICANA is pleased to provide the FEDERATION with a royalty for its assistance in the development of these sleep products. This chiropractor approval assures you of proper sleep support, that is, the maintenance of your spine in its proper alignment while sleeping.