Advanced Technology for Quality Sleep

People today are demanding more from life, better diet, greater and more sophisticated forms of exercise and a healthier, better night's sleep. Because of technological advances and medical developments, accompanied by greater concerns for improved lifestyles and health, today's sleep technology is significantly improved from 10 years ago.

The first era of sleep technology is for preventing backaches

Since the backache problems that were common 10 years ago, mattress research has focused on preventing backaches caused by mattress. During this decade the advertising theme for mattresses was often "Sleep without Backache".

The present era of sleep technology is for quality sleep

Subsequent research findings indicate that sleepers who use firm mattresses to prevent backaches still do not receive a good night's rest. Observations revealed that the sleeper often tossed and turned during the night ( this may go unnoticed by the sleeper), with resulting fragmented sleep from excessive movements.

The sleeper's tossing and turning comes from poor blood circulation, caused by pressure points. The blood circulation is constricted by the upward force of the mattress spring unit when body must toss and turn in order to reduce pressure and allow the blood to flow freely in every area.

Current research and development in the mattress industry focuses on QUALITY SLEEP, to provide a resting body with healthy comfort and enriching, restorative sleep. Therefore, a quality sleep system must provide two benefits:
1. The ability to provide proper support to prevent back problems.
2. The ability to reduce pressure points for better blood circulation.

As a result of revolutionary breakthroughs in advanced sleep technology, Lady Americana's research and development has invented sleep technology to provide optimal quality sleep that includes contour support, sleep comfort and durability, the three benefits demanded most by today's knowledgeable consumers.